Now due to some of our good oldies passing to the rainbow bridge, families relocating to other parts of NZ or relocating to overseas, and some loss of jobs, it has opened up some openings for new clients with small dogs. 
Small dogs must be desexed, social and fully vaccinated including KENNEL COUGH. 
New clients bookings whose dogs are NOT fully vaccinated with Kennel cough will not be accepted and the booking will be refused.
New client form will need to be filled out, this can be emailed to you for you to either email back or bring with you at your first booking.
Payment will continue to be paid online and invoices will be sent out prior to your dogs groom.




To book for Doggie Kindy please give us a call. Doggie Kindy is not available thru online booking.

You can book your dogs Grooming spot via the booking page or drop in or give us a call.  

We take primarily Small to Medium dogs for grooming. Small to Medium dogs can be booked via the booking online option. 

 The largest size dog we will accept as an example of size is a Border Collie. This is due to only having one groomer working and will depend on the size of your dog and its temperament and space available.

This option is not available through the booking online option.

We do not take LARGE BREED DOGS  or GIANT BREED DOGS (largest size as an example of size is a Border Collie medium height).

 Vaccinations: Puppies must be fully vaccinated. We take puppies 10 days after their last vaccination.  All Adult dogs must be fully vaccinated including Kennel Cough to be accepted for grooming as we have a social mixing environment.
Please bring your dog’s vaccination pet record.

Large dogs (largest size - border collie size medium height) will be given a Temperament Test to see how they cope with our dryers before committing to a booking. During this test if your dog is aggressive or too hard to handle for the groomer no booking will be taken. This temperament test is to keep the dog safe and as stress free as possible and to keep our groomer safe.

Dogs on Heat: If your dog is on Heat please do not bring in for grooming. Having a dog on heat can cause a high stress social environment for the dogs as the boys can become excited by a girl on heat. Dogs on heat would have to be separated for safety whilst in the salon which is not fair on the dog. So if your dog is on heat please rebook your groom.

Entire Dogs: If you have an Entire Dog please inform on your grooming authorisation form. Entire dogs my be separated from other dogs especially the females while they are in the salon.

Fleas: If your dog has fleas we will bath in a Flea Shampoo and charge accordingly. This is  help rid your dog of fleas on the day and to eliminate all traces of fleas in the salon in readiness for the next customer.

Authorisation Form: We have a Grooming Authorisation Form and a Matting Authorisation form to be completed when you join Country Bark & Bath. These forms are to inform you of what is involved in the grooming process and is in accordance with good code of ethics and salon procedures. 
We also have a Social Media Form that inform you we may take photos of your dog to promote on the website and facebook page.

* Prices are from those indicated. The final price will be confirmed upon arrival at the salon.

Cancellations: Please be considerate of others. A minimum of 24 hours notice is appreciated for cancellations. Late cancellations and no shows may occur a 50% fee.

Payment: You are able to pay online. An invoice will be sent out prior to the booked groom day.